Normally, you would never link having a healthy body and having unhealthy or rotten teeth. A healthy body and healthy teeth should go hand in hand – right?

It seems counter-intuitive, but the answer is sometimes no. The reason is not because of the types of workout activities a person does. It’s what the person consumes. They eat healthy foods such as vegetables and whole foods. People who work out tend to also consume products that provide energy. These drinks or snacks can create a plethora of dental problems.

According to a May 20th article written by Bob Young of The Arizona Republic, the energy products are causing damage because most are acidic in nature. It is well-known in the dental field that acidic consumables can do a number of damages such as tooth erosion.

The Arizona Republic article went on to say the best way to combat this problem is to drink water after consuming these energy products and not to brush.

A healthy body can be achieved through many ways, and energy can come from many sources. We encourage you to work-out to maintain a healthy lifestyle. West Covina Smiles would also like remind you that energy should come from a more organic source other than energy products.

Almonds, brown rice and fruit are all healthy energy providers.

Workout and eat right . . . so why are my teeth rotten?