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Tips and tricks for Halloween treats !

As a dentist my work is to help parents feed their kids for strong and healthy teeth. When halloween comes around, I see a lot of distressed moms and dads.

To help minimize damage and protect your kids smiles, here are some tips and tricks for Halloween day.

  • Limit the amount of time that sugar is in contact with your child’s teeth.
  • Teach your child to eat candy in moderation.
  • Use fluoride to fight cavities.
  • Give your children to drink more water
  • Schedule a teeth cleaning visit for your kids.

Not all candy is equally scary when it comes to cavities, so Chewy treats and hard candy are particularly damaging because they spend a lot of time stuck to teeth.

I suggest share with your kids sweets like chocolate that quickly dissolve in the mouth and can be eaten easily, lessen the time of the sugar stays in contact with teeth.

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