Tips if Dental Emergency Arises



This tips are meant to be used as temporary measures until you can see your dentist. They are not meant to address the problem permanently. If posible always consult with your dentist before taking action.


Visit your dentist regularly since some conditions may progress without pain or visual damage.

For any Face Swelling that grows rapidly call your dental office immediately for an emergency visit. If swelling is causing breathing difficulty, call 911 right away. Some dental infections could be life threatening.

Broken tooth/filling:  Rinse your mouth with warm salt water, cover broken tooth with a piece of cotton,wax or over-the-counter dental cement.

Crown/Cap fell out:  Carefully remove any debris from inside of crown, with a cotton tip cleanthe tooth. Try toplace the crownback on the tooth to make sure it fits well. Apply some over-the-counter emergency temporary cement to the cap, place it on the tooth and bite on a popsicle stick for 5 minutes until it dries. Do not use instant glue!

Sensitive Tooth / Red or Swollen Gum:  Rinse with warm salt water and carefully floss around tooth to remove any debris. Do not place any Aspirin on your tooth or gum!

Tooth Knocked Out: Rinse tooth and mouth and try to put tooth back immediately. If unable, put tooth in small container with milk or water and take it to your dental office.

Dental Emergency Line

West Covina (626)810-5000 Brea (714)529-2626

Compliments of Dr. Oscar Marin DDS