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Dental Crown and Bridges

A dental crown is a dental restoration that replaces the outer shell of the tooth.

When a tooth has suffered heavy damage from decay, fracture or has been subject to a root canal treatment, a crown is needed to restore and protect the core of the tooth. To make a crown your tooth has to be prepared and a mold is sent to the lab for a custom made restoration that will be permanently cemented to your tooth.

Dental bridges have been the traditional way of replacing a missing tooth for several decades. It involves using neighbor teeth to the missing one to anchor a fixed structure. The process is similar to the fabrication of a crown. The anchor teeth are prepared, a mold or impression is taken and sent to the laboratory and a multiple teeth structure is made to be permanently cemented to your existing teeth.

Although less popular due to the advent of dental implants, bridges are still the treatment of choice when the patient is looking for a fixed restoration and does not meet the criteria for a dental implant.

Dental Crown

Your dental crown is custom-made to match your teeth and permanently cemented in place.

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