There is a growing mentality of “do it yourself,” or DIY as it’s more commonly known as, spreading across the nation. People are creating their own costumes or making home remedies that replace expensive products at a fraction of the price at home. The problem is some people who practice DIY frequently are venturing into areas where they have no expertise. There is nothing wrong with baking your own custom cake. However, doing your braces can cause irreversible damages.

As far-fetched as this sounds, it is currently a growing trend across the country. The major contributors of the trend are teenagers. Teens will us items such as fish wire or rubber bands, and create a dangerous version of braces according to Dr. Clarence Simmons of Harmony Smiles Orthodontics. He discussed the damaging phenomenon in an interview he recently did with 41 Action News of Kansas City.

The teens will post videos of themselves creating the DIY braces, and will post videos on social media sites where it spreads like a virus.

There are reports of gums tearing and tooth lost due to inexperience of the self-appointed orthodontists. It’s these damages and others that are concerning Dr. Oscar Marin of West Covina Smiles.

“There’s a reason why teeth have a pattern,” says Dr. Marin. “Braces are not just moving the teeth, but reshaping of the bones.”

Dr. Marin explained that those that try to reshape their teeth alignment most likely don’t understand this concept. If by some chance they fix their teeth, the fixes are temporary. The teeth will most likely move back to their positions while the damage has already been done to the gums and teeth.

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