Aside from family, friends and co-workers you have other people you stay in constant contact with: businesses. Most people have their grocery stores, burger joints or barbers where people are considered ‘regulars’. The businesses you go to provide something to you other than their services. Maybe you like the humor of your optometrist. Maybe you like the stories your barber tells you. Whatever the case you may be, you have a network of businesses that you chose to be your providers.

But what if you have to change one of them?

The kind of business determines how hard the change is. For example: it’s much easier to find a local water store than a doctor. Most are a lot more hesitant when changing providers of health care or dental care. Trusting someone with your well-being is never an easy thing. Changing who does it is an even harder process.

So how do you go about it?

The two common ways are word of mouth or an internet search. Let’s say you have a fantastic dermatologist. If your friend had skin problems you would most likely recommend your dermatologist right? That’s word of mouth.

West Covina Dentist

He found a new dentist!

For others, internet searches are a better method to find a new dentist or doctor. Sites like Yelp and Google are user-friendly and generally reliable. Individuals can look at reviews or possibly pictures that could help decide who will be their future providers.

Despite hearing of a good new dentist from a friend or reading a good review of a dental office, you still might be hesitant to make a decision. And rightfully so. You have to trust someone who’s going to have machinery in your mouth.

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