The phrase ‘vicious cycle’ has been applied in many different ways. It could be used when describing eating habits, drug abuse or other behaviors. What causes the cycles depends on what kind of cycles they are.

Dr. Bryan Schwartz DDS in Wisconsin has an article on his website that describes the what they call “The Dental Cycle.”  The article basically says if a person doesn’t get dental needs taken care of right the first time, a tooth problem can get worse. The cycle moves from needing a filling, to a larger feeling, all the way up to a dentures, and everything in between. This is the dental version of the vicious cycle.

It’s an uncommon application of the phrase but a true one. Dr. Oscar Marin DDS of West Covina Smiles agrees, and believes that “Not all white fillings are created equal.” This concept applies across the board.

A person can take his or her car to the cheapest mechanic in town, but must be aware that the service could be subpar. A person that receives his or her dental care at an office that prides themselves on ‘the cheapest prices in town’ should consider the possibility of getting the cheapest treatment as well.

Both situations can end up being painful (mentally or physical) and cost more in the long run.

Preventative measures can be taken to break the cycle. It’s a matter of taking things into your own hands. As most know it’s recommended to brush two to three times a day and floss as well. What you eat and what you don’t eat can also be a huge factor which isn’t breaking news in itself.

It’s crucial to understand that all of these factors can be dependent of each other. Selecting a quality dentist, great daily dental care and a great diet will collectively help break the vicious cycle.

If you have any questions, Dr. Oscar Marin can help explain the stages of the ‘dental vicious cycle’ and how to stop them. Call for a free consultation  today 626-810-5000 to book your appointment or visit our request an appointment page.