The many ways Tooth Problems can hurt you

The link between mouth disease and medical conditions like diabetes, heart disease and osteoporosis has been well established by research.

The impact that these conditions may have on an individual’s personal and social life is considerably more difficult to measure.

Not only dental problems like gum disease and cavities cause physical pain but emotions like concern and frustration stem from the disability of being able to function properly. Some of the lesser known consequences of dental problems include:

  • Depression in children and adults being bullied and made fun of because of their appearance
  • Bad breath problems from gum conditions can cause relationship and social distancing and alienation
  • Pain and dental work are responsible for millions of hours of missed school and work yearly
  • Missing or crooked teeth cause a significant decrease in self-confidence

Some studies have suggested that people that are bullied about their appearance avoid smiling or social interaction and have problems developing close relationships.

Some of the major obstacles to getting the much needed help are the fear to the dentist and the costs associated with dental work

You can take Control of your Dental Health

Dentistry has changed dramatically during the last couple of decades. New techniques and treatment options allow for a significantly more comfortable experience.

Our office offers conservative and preventive approaches to dental health. That basically translates into less tooth structure removal (less shots and less drilling), decreased discomfort, shorter visits and lower costs.

Should find yourself in need of major dental work, we can help you find the financial option that best suits your specific needs. We offer low and no-interest payment options that have helped many of our patients get the treatment they need.

Eliminate your dental problems . . . and put yourself at ease!