It’s “Go” Time


Do you often find yourself in “procrastination” mode?

You’re not alone, most people wait until last minute to take action, however, you are not most people, and you understand that there may never be a better time to act on your plans than now.

We sometimes tend to wait for all the planets to align or for all the lights to go green before heading to town, and by the time we decide to take action, we’re hit with the painful reality of being late to take advantage of unique opportunities.

This is an invitation to act now. It’s “go” time. Don’t wait for the new year. Start your diet today, read that book, hike the trail. Better yet, stop yourself from doing things that don’t contribute to your personal enrichment like binge watching Netflix series or endlessly scrolling down social media feeds. Opportunities are created, sometimes all it takes is a phone call or even a text.

So, what are you waiting for?

It’s now or never!


Oscar Marin DDS

“Helping patients out of Dental Procrastination”


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